Made another glass flower the blue part sparkles cant really see it in the picture.

I took these picture outside to see if I could get some better images ,the petals color are fairly subtle some of it is kinda lost in translation so to speak.

Here’s an attempt at working with tubing there almost 3  inches  tall actually manage to get em nice and smooth, all previous attempts have been abject failures and too embarrassed to actually show anyone what they look like.  From what I gather at this points its a whole lot easier working with small diameter tubing.

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Some flower that I saw on the side of the road they where so colorful had to stop and take a picture.

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Went To BAGI to help out Larry and Aleks they let me take some pictures first dozen or so pics didn’t come out to well they ended up being to dark till I figured out the right  settings on my camera


Here’s one I tried to save started of looking like

And after some heavy photoshop abuse ended up like this

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random pics

Some flowers from the area I live.

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Still trying to figure this all out. One thing for sure if yer trying to post multi pics from different sub directories its kinda a pain.

This is one of my favorite of all the ones I have made.

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Photography glass madness.

After years of not having money for a camera agonizing over which one too pick I finally got a pentax K-5 with a 100 mm macro lens.

About the photo: basically what I did was grabbed a dark piece of cloth drape it over a box. I had one of those  garage lights, something like 1000 watts of light, bounced it off the ceiling,  the background was a piece of craft paper kinda an off white.

About the piece: Its roughly 7 inches tall,  made of borosilicate. Petals are composed of two colors one being ns-26 double amber purple and ns-49 dark blue amber purple the stem/body was made of ns-53 forest green.

This is the first piece I’ve done of this size on a torch, I used a nortel minor.

glass flower

clicking on it brings up a very large pic.

When stuck in analysis paralysis sometime yeh just gotta do it to get out of it.

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Here are some of the things I’ve made, Tasha took the picture for me.

I’ve also been working on some Glass pumpkin for the holidays I’ll see about getting some pictures up of some that I’ve already made.

At this point still trying to figure this thing out. 🙂

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